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Meaning and history of the engagement ring

The engagement rings are a symbol of the promise to get married and a promise that the groom makes to his wife when he asks her the fateful "Will You Get Married? ".

Although often revisited, in order to adjust to changes in times or to different cultures, this custom has managed to stand up to the passing of time and is an important step without knowing where it came from.

The history of the engagement ring has a long history. The Greeks are believed to have adopted the custom from the Egyptians. Aulus Gellius was the first writer to write about the custom in his work Noctes Atticae, published in the year 159 AD.

In the past, in Rome, a future bride was presented with two rings, one made of iron and the other made of gold. They were to be worn at home and in public. The ring was placed on the finger of the ring on the left hand, as it was believed that the Vena Amoris vein, which is directly at the heart, was situated there. Wearing rings on the left hand indicates that the person wearing it is faithful and cherishes them.

In response to King Boris's questions in 865, Pope Nicholas I reported, among other things, the custom of a future groom gifting an engagement ring to a loved one.

Another important date was 1477 when Archduke Maximilian gave Mary of Burgundy the ring of gold with a diamond in the middle as a marriage promise. From that point on, diamonds and precious stones would be used to embellish engagement rings of future brides.

How Many Types of Engagement Rings Exist?

If you have decided to meet your soulmate and ask them the question of your life it is advisable to choose the ring to give, respecting tradition. The choice isn't easy, given the variety of designs and precious stones. We will help you choose by making a decision based on the classic engagement rings.

1. Solitaire

The Solitaire ring is among the most sought-after and loved rings around the world. As its name suggests this ring is identified by the presence of a single precious stone, generally a diamond, set on white gold platinum, yellow gold or. Learn more about the specifics of this exquisite jewel on Solitaire the Ring and its Meaning.

2. Eternity

The ring is comprised of a succession of small diamonds of equal carats, neatly arranged around its perimeter. This model is available in two versions, Full Eternity and Half Eternity and both pair perfectly with the wedding ring. It goes without saying that the size and number of the stones that are used will determine the price of the ring.

3. Toi Et Moi

A symbol of the inseparable union of two lovers, the Toi et Moi ring - literally You and I -- is made up of two precious stones, generally of different colors, which seem to embrace each other. This model is a particular hit because Napoleon Bonaparte offered it as an expression of love to his fiancee, Josephine de Beauharnais. Jackie Kennedy also received one with her wedding proposal from John Fitzgerald Kennedy.


The Trilogy ring is made consisting of three precious stones, both colored gems and diamonds laid out around its circumference. The precious stones can be the same weight or weights that differ. In the second scenario, the central stone will be greater than the two lateral stones.


The Halo ring is characterized by the presence of a large central stone, surrounded by a crown of diamonds. It is a slick jewelry piece and is suitable for those who want to draw attention. The central stone may be cut in a variety of ways, such as drop, princess or marquise. The Halo ring that Charles of England gave to Lady Diana and later wore by his son Prince William to pledge his love for Kate Middleton, is a stunning example. It is a 12 carat sapphire that is surrounded by diamonds.

For more information on rings, read What is the meaning of rings on your fingers?

What precious stones should you pick for your engagement ring?

As we were saying, there are numerous gems to be found in an engagement ring and each conveys a specific message. Let's concentrate on the most sought-after ones:

Diamond Solidity and love for eternity

Ruby is the word that means passion, desire and love

Sapphire: integrity, wisdom and dedication

Emerald: honesty, loyalty and the utmost loyalty

The choice of the precious stone will depend not only on the message you intend to convey, but also on the tastes of the person receiving the engagement ring as a present.

When Should You Give an Engagement Ring?

There isn't a right moment to gift someone an engagement ring. Instead, wait until you are certain that you'd like to be with your partner for the rest of your life.

It is a good idea considering how long it will take to plan the event, to start planning about 1 year prior to the wedding date.

Right Hand or left Hand?

In our tradition, the engagement ring is placed on the left ring finger, just like the wedding ring. On the day of the wedding the engagement ring is to be removed from the left ring finger to the right to make room for the wedding ring.

You should know, however, that traditions can change when you change your latitude. Find out more on Where to Wear an engagement ring.

Engagement Rings of the Stars

Some engagement rings are particularly famous, as well as beautiful, due to the fact that they were gifts from famous people from the world of cinema, music or television. Consider, for instance, the ring gifted to Liz Taylor by Richard Burton and Richard Burton, a diamond weighing more than 33 carats valued at nearly 9 million dollars! Beyonce's 18-carat diamond engagement ring cost Jay Z about 5 million dollars. Kim Kardashian's engagement ring which has a stone of 15 carats, is also important and expensive.

You don't need to spend massive amounts of money to buy an exquisite engagement ring. The most important thing is to know which one to pick! To know more about the subject, check out our guide on the Cost of Engagement Rings.

How to select an Engagement Ring

Now, you can say that you know all there is to know about the significance, history, and meaning of an engagement ring. The only thing you have to do is find your pledge of affection and make an offer.

To ensure that you make the best decision, you should first go through our guide On Engagement Rings. Then, take a look at the extensive gallery of Diamonds Factory and get inspired: the right engagement ring is waiting for you.


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