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About Us

Federation of Indian Magic Associates [FIMA] is a non-profit organization registered in India, under Societies Act [Society Reg. No.: S/1L/46910] and as NGO [WB/2018/018685]  in India.

FIMA was established in 2007 with the following objectives:

  • To promote magic as a creative and interesting art and foster the interest of the members of the federation related to service, cultural, academic and any other common interest through Magic.

  • To associate magicians, affiliated magic clubs / organizations / associations / societies, magic dealers, exporters, importers, manufacturers and also individuals, who are interested in magic.

  • To stimulate local and overseas connection, upgrade the standard art of magic and status of magicians, assisting prospective magicians to develop their career.

Our Journey

Our Journey


  • FIMA was formed on 25th August 2007

  • FIMA constitution was formed and it was registered under Society Act 


  • FIMA organised programs, workshops, and small events 

  • FIMA grew in West Bengal and beyond with active support from the community


  • The First ever nation-wide fair held at Kolkata Nandan Chattor on March 4th till 9th. 

  • Workshops organized in Star Theater, RabindraSadan in Kolkata and in theatres of Howrah, Chandannagor etc.

  • Workshops organized in Odhisha, Bhubaneswar. Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 

  • Organized rescue and help operations for AILA affected people.


  • Workshops organized at Kolkata.

  • Created Welfare Funds for needy magic workers.


  • Fair organized at Kolkata for the second time attended by Magicians of Bangladesh, Nepal and many Indian provinces. 

  • Workshops organized at Kolkata.

  • Helped needy magic workers with benefit shows.


  • Started Magic school for Children in Nehru Children’s museum – present        number of students [the same for every annual session – 60] 

  • Conferences held in Guahati, Assam , Puri. Odhisha, Bangaluru, Karnataka with fairs associated.


  • FIMA starts organizing benefit fairs and benefit shows for ailing and needy Magicians and Magic workers.

  • FIMA ensues special medical benefits for needed magic workers.

  • FIMA’s regular annual fair at Rabindra Sadan, Kolkata hits new popularity records

  • FIMA now spreads their organization structure in around 6 provinces of India and reinforces fraternal relationship with Magician conglomerates in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka.


  • Workshops organized in Bangluru, Bangladesh, Assam and Odhisha.

  • Benefit funds collected from these workshops were distributed amongst eleven ailing and needing Magicians of Bangladesh. 

  • A team of 5 magicians from FIMA visited Singapore to conduct Pan-Asia workshop there.


  • FIMA launches innovative and beneficial project of preparing groups of interested budding magicians and rookies who would take this art as a regular profession. 

  • Regular and managed training programs for groups in suburban districts formed and training organized and undertaken. 

  • Training of budding magicians for adults launched in Nehru Children’s museum.

  • FIMA resolves to form self-sustaining groups of magicians in every district town to start with.

  • FIMA have taken up programs of clothing street children [100 in number] across various Puja Pandals in and around Kolkata.


  • FIMA organised the 3rd Magic Fair at Rabindra Sadan Ground on March 9th till 13th.

  • Magicians from Bangladesh and Indian Provinces joined the same.


  • FIMA organised Magic shows to rescue and help poor brilliant students suffering from cancer now struggling to survive.

  • FIMA organised several outreach programs for promoting Magic.


  • FIMA for the first time brought Magic to the people on the streets.

  • Bikers storming through busy streets with eyes covered with black cloth.

  • Musee of  artefacts of conjuring art of Magic that are usually used by artistes.

  • Dreaded acts of sprouting fire from human mouth while walking.

  • Weird and curious ventriloquism.

  • Techniques of Magic Danseurs.


  • FIMA organised the 4th Magic Fair at Mohor Kunjo Ground on March.

  • Magicians from Bangladesh and Indian Provinces.

  • More than 500 Magicians joined and footfall was more than 200000.


  • FIMA launched digital outreach programs using social media and other online platforms and continued the journey.

  • Special online programs for Kids were organised successfully by FIMA Junior Team.

  • FIMA supported Magic community throughout the pandemic through different social impact programs and activities.


  • FIMA continued digital outreach programs.

  • FIMA created sustainable model by creating small businesses in association with local government to support magicians  


  • Journey continues...

Living in Magiculture !

Our Mission

Our Mission

It is the mission of Federation of Indian Magic Associates [FIMA] to create an ecosystem for the magic and other allied arts like Hand Shadowgraphy, Sand Animation, Juggling, Ventriloquism, Puppet, Fire Act etc that fosters promotion and preservation of the arts, knowledge, and professional & personal growth


Our Vision

The purpose of Federation of Indian Magic Associates [FIMA] shall be to advance and preserve magic and allied arts and to make the Art of Magic popular and bring it to the people at large..

Want to join us?

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