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"Erling Holland Beats FC 24 Review: A Free Striker Sensation"

In the dynamic world of FIFA Ultimate Team, Electronic Arts (EA) has surprised players with a special treat – the Beats FC 24 card featuring Erling Holland. This 87-rated card has created EA FC 24 Coins quite a buzz among the gaming community, especially as it comes as a free addition to everyone's squad. In this article, we'll delve into the details of this new card, exploring its stats, in-game performance, and how it might fit into your FIFA 24 experience.

Erling Holland's Stats:

Erling Holland's Beats FC 24 card boasts impressive stats that make it an exciting addition to any squad. Standing at a towering 6'5" with high-medium work rates, the Norwegian striker offers a unique physical presence up front. Equipped with three-star skill moves and a three-star weak foot, Holland may lack in flair, but his stats suggest he compensates in other areas.

The card is limited to the striker and center forward positions, emphasizing its role as a clinical finisher. Examining the in-game stats reveals a well-rounded player with notable strengths. Holland possesses a blistering 94 Pace, consisting of 87 Acceleration and 99 Sprint Speed, making him a genuine speedster on the pitch.

Shooting is a crucial aspect for any striker, and Holland doesn't disappoint. With an 84 Shooting rating, he boasts 87 Attacking Positioning, 87 Finishing, and 85 Shot Power. These stats suggest that he has the potential to be a lethal goalscorer if used correctly.

Passing, though not his forte, is serviceable with 65 in total. A short pass of 76, combined with 52 long pass and 76 curve, enables him to contribute to build-up play. Holland's dribbling stats (84) indicate solid control, with exceptional reactions at 99, though agility and balance are somewhat lacking at 80 and 76, respectively.

Physicality is one of Holland's standout attributes, boasting 81 in this category. With 85 Jumping, 80 Stamina, 82 Strength, and 79 Aggression, he can be a force to be reckoned with in aerial duels and physical battles.

Play Styles and Chemistry Style:

In FootB, Holland exhibits five different play styles: Quick Step, Power Shot, Power Header, Rapid, and Acrobatic. These styles contribute to his versatility on the field, allowing players to explore various offensive strategies.

When it comes to applying Chemistry Styles, the reviewer opts for a Finisher style, enhancing Holland's shooting and dribbling. This choice grants him 91 Shooting and 91 Dribbling, with 95 Attacking Positioning, 99 Finishing, and 89 Shot Power. This Chemistry Style aims to maximize his clinical abilities in front of goal while improving his overall agility.

In-Game Performance:

The article offers a comprehensive review of Holland's in-game performance through two Division Rivals matches. The reviewer plays Holland at the striker position in a 4321 formation and provides a detailed analysis of his movements, strengths, and areas for improvement.

Throughout the matches, Holland's pace, finishing, and physicality stand out as key assets. His 6'5" frame proves difficult to dispossess, and his finishing, particularly with the Finisher Chemistry Style, is clinical. The article also acknowledges the card's limitations, including its three-star skill moves, three-star weak foot, and somewhat clunky dribbling.

In the final segment, the reviewer summarizes the Beats FC 24 Erling Holland card, emphasizing its strengths and addressing potential drawbacks. Despite some limitations, the card receives a positive rating of 8.8 out of 10, highlighting its usability, especially as a free addition to Ultimate Team squads.

The conclusion invites the audience to share their plans for the Holland card, whether integrating him into the starting XI, utilizing him as a super sub, or potentially placing him in an SBC. The article buy FC 24 Coins concludes with a call to action, encouraging viewers to like, comment, and subscribe, while expressing gratitude for their support.

In essence, this comprehensive review provides FIFA players with valuable insights into the Beats FC 24 Erling Holland card, helping them make informed decisions about its usage in their squads.

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